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SDGs and our Approach to Livelihoods

While our aim is to transform the way humanitarian aid is delivered, we seek to improve people’s overall quality of life and provide livelihood opportunities. This is especially true for those trying to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of disaster - the long and often slow recovery and reconstruction process.

A key aim of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) includes eradicating extreme poverty. Field Ready has the capacity to improve livelihoods for people living in extreme poverty and in humanitarian contexts by inventing, fixing and making useful products, training others in advanced technologies, and developing innovative skills.

One of the ways we do this is through our trainings, which have taken place in many countries, such as, Haiti, Nepal, Turkey, Syria, South Sudan, Jordan and the US. In 2016 alone, over 600 people attended training sessions carried out by Field Ready.

These trainings cover a wide range of topics and provide people with new or improved skills. This offers people with the means to further enhance competencies in advanced technologies, making, CAD and other various skill-sets, resulting in the potential to enhance job prospects or actually making products to sell on the market.

We value local production not only because it eliminates the cumbersome supply-chains, but also because it gives local populations the opportunity to create livelihoods thus making our methods more sustainable.

We also have country-specific programs such as our “Hidden Incentives” program, which seeks encourage handwashing amongst children through placing a small toy in the center of the soap (the more you wash, the closer you are to the toy). This program is being brought to Northern Iraq, and the local population will be making the soaps to supply Save the Children’s operations in country.

We are eager to continue to develop programs and initiatives that provide the potential for income generation opportunities. Some of our key beneficiaries we work with include refugee and displaced people.

There is a lack of resources and job opportunities in camps and for internally displaced people. We want to not only be able to create useful items to better their living circumstances, but also be able to create revenue generating items that are clearly needed in local contexts.

We are eager to see how our innovations can help those in immediate need as well as creating longer-term livelihood opportunities.

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