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An Update on Our Work in Syria

Field Ready has been working in Syria in a variety of capacities to promote search and rescue capabilities. There are four primary staff working to support the initiatives there including team members in Idlib, Syria making significant strides on our projects there.

Two of the projects are the airbag and the antenna, which both have the potential to save lives in Syria. There are additional products under development, such as additional search and rescue tools and medical equipment. Field Ready is working to locally source antennas, which are critical for the Syrian Civil Defense to communicate effectively. There are currently not enough antennas, they are not available in the market and procuring them from Turkey can cost around $200. It is imperative to manufacture these locally to better equip the SCD with more effective communication tools.

Our biggest project to date in Syria is developing a lifting airbag that meets international standards and can be locally manufactured for a 90% reduction of market costs. The airbag can remove heavy debris weighing several tons. The airbag has so far received positive feedback and has saved two people, including a child. There are manuals for the airbag being translated into other languages, so that this can be applied in other contexts. In time, our activities are being scaled to reach larger numbers of people.

Our work is saving lives and we couldn’t do it without our amazing team. We will be highlighting some of our team in Syria in the near future; watch this space to learn more about the people behind Field Ready.

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