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Improving Health Outcomes for Children

Giving children a healthy start is a considerable challenge in crisis-affected areas. Children make up 50% of crisis-affected populations and account for a majority of diarrheal and pneumonia cases.

Recognizing that little things can sometimes make the biggest difference, Field Ready is working in partnership with Save the Children UK and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to support disease reduction through hand hygiene innovation with the program "Hidden Incentives". The primary objective of this program is to increase hand washing amongst children in emergency settings.

This soap product incentivizes hand washing for children. A small toy inside the soap can be reached once the soap is used. Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps to avoiding getting sick and transmitting disease. Increasing hand washing, the "Hidden Incentives" program has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes for this population.

To learn more about this program, visit the link below:

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