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CeBIT 2016 - innovation and global collaboration

CeBIT is the world's largest computer expo, which has been held in Hannover, Germany for 30 years now. As the digital economy has grown to affect all kinds of fields, so CeBIT now encompasses many areas which it might not traditionally have been associated with.

This year Field Ready will be at CeBIT, joining the SCALE11 startup cluster thanks to the kind invitation of BMZ (the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development) and GIZ. We'll be around 14th-16th, and most active on Tuesday 15th, in the Open Manufacturing stream. The day will be all about global collaboration, open hardware and manufacturing, and partnerships between all kinds of different organisations - government, industry, NGOs, startups and social enterprises.

If you are visiting CeBIT I'd love to meet you! It's always especially exciting to meet folks, be they manufacturers, designers, humanitarians, engineers, trainers, innovators, and find ways we might be able to work together. Find me at the BMZ Community Space "inspire connect develop" in SCALE11, or get in touch via email or Twitter.

If you can't make it to CeBIT, designers, makers, engineers and more are always welcome to join the online Humanitarian Makers community, which is a great way to get involved. Design challenges where folks in the field need help with solving problems, tweaking designs or manufacturing are posted to Humanitarian Makers to get help from around the world, and anyone can take part.

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