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COVID-19 Preparation in Nepal

Updated: May 11

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, prevention and preparedness are key. Our first specific product in response to the pandemic is a hands-free faucet tap which can be used by a users elbow (as seen in the short video below). This was conceived, designed and manufactured in Kathmandu.

Field Ready is organizing a short COVID Prevention Training of Trainers (TOT) with Nepal Communitere, a partner NGO. It will include handwashing promotion and demonstration, will include all WHO messaging around COVID-19, including masks, cleaning surfaces, an overview of symptoms and testing promotion. Following this, we will be able to deliver these sessions with wider community outreach should there be demand.

Field Ready is also supporting Nepal Communitere to install temperature measurement on entry, and will be constructing a foot-operated hand wash station at entry. In addition Field Ready is prototyping hands-free locks, handles and taps for the two washrooms in Nepal Communitere.

Field Ready is creating a risk assessment matrix specifically for solid soap, soap and sanitizer in the Kathmandu area. This analysis will inform the production of Surprise Soaps. We're also producing an initial batch of 50 Surprise Soaps to demonstrate the product for both NGO procurement and market feasibility.

Field Ready will support Nepal Communitere in potential advocacy-based community actions in the coming weeks, as they discuss both the mental and emotional health risks of this outbreak, and the inaction of national government for preparation.

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