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Field Ready Joins Elite Accelerator Program

Field Ready today started an intense hands-on 8-week experience at the Singularity University campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. We joined this program to help us develop the organization further. We’re committed to learning and we taking advantage of SU’s unique global educational position to connect with leaders on business, leadership, product, and marketing development. With an acceptance rate of less than 1%, we are joined by three extraordinary companies which all have the goal to help build technologies positively impacting humanity at a global scale.

The program has three goals. First, to help us “network.” Singularity University has a rich and diverse network of thought leaders, scientists, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and faculty. Second, to help us “accelerate.” We are taking time to hone, develop and align our key milestones and accelerate them. Finally, to help us “expand.” We are working to scale Field Ready so that we have the potential to impact one billion people.

Over the coming two months, Field Ready is looking forward to know our neighbors and others in the Bay Area.

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