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Sahaya Hazir İnovasyon Derneği

Field Ready welcomed the independent member in Türkiye, formed as a Social Community Organization in February 2021. Known as Sahaya Hazir İnovasyon Derneği, this group of engineers and humanitarian aid and development sectors experts have been working in NW Syria and in Türkiye since 2016.

Field Ready in Türkiye is currently supporting a set of innovative programming in Türkiye, including in response to the deadly earthquake earlier this year. We are also supporting programming in NW Syria including lifesaving medical equipment repair and setting up the first innovation business center in the northwest.  
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Building local manufacturing    capacity for Türkiye

Through innovative training and capacity-building programs focused on the makerspace ecosystem, Field Ready is improving living conditions for survivors of disasters and economic prospects.

Currently Field Ready is:
  • Responding to the earthquake in Türkiye 
  • Implementing a winter insulation innovation project known as Waste4Warmth 
  • Supporting a business incubation center in Gaziantep and a new generation of entrepreneurs 

Building strong foundations for the future

Field Ready's work for the coming year and beyond will continue to respond to devastating impacts of conflict and earthquakes, while dealing with emergent challenges such as COVID-19.

The innovative programming we bring to these challenges include localization of traditional aid models, leveraging partner efforts through increased efficiency and effectiveness and boosting employment and self-employment opportunities and expanding small businesses.

A key part of this will remain coupling people's talents with technology to achieve new benchmarks in areas such as recycling/up-cycling. 

Field Ready can meaningfully contribute to Türkiye's manufacturing resilience through maker training and facilities development.  

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