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Latrine Slab and Riser

Light weight, Rotomoulded Slab and Riser

An emergency latrine component system designed for the Fiji and Pacific context. ​

A combined slab and riser unit gives strength with light weight.

Also intended to be suitable as a solution for improving community sanitation in a development setting as well as in a disaster response.


  • Manufactured by local manufacturers ​

  • Lightweight and easily transportable (stackable).

  • Quick to install​ (30 minutes)

  • Durable (140kg max. bodyweight; 10+ year lifespan)​

  • Modular and upgradable with optional flush insert or urine divider insert (for dry pit toilets) ​

  • Cost effective


  • General Dimensions : 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.475m h

  • Base Material : Rotomoulded LLDPE

  • Seat & Lid Material : Injection Molded PP


  • Stackable units for shipment by pallet.

  • 250 units per 20' shipping container.


  • Weight Capacity = 150kg Max. per person

  • Can be used multiple times per day depending on the volume of the pit.

Downloadable Files Included

Technical Drawings, User Manual, Video Manual


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