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My organization would like to join the program; how do I get involved? 

You can join our program by clicking the buttons above. This will then take you to separate webpage where you can register your organization. Once you’re approved by a member of our team, you’ll be able to post a need  or make an offer  directly on the website.  

If you’d like more information about the program before you join, please click on the link to your country on the previous page; there you’ll find the contact email for a member of our team who can help. 

What kinds of personal protective equipment do you make?

We have a catalog of tested and approved items here for you to look through.  

Are these items safe? Are they of good quality? 

Yes. Our PPE designs comport with international safety standards and have been rigorously tested. Our team of engineers work with local makers and manufactures to ensure that the products are of the highest possible quality.  

My organization needs PPE – can we qualify for the program?  

The purpose of our program is to provide frontline workers who support conflict-affected communities in Bangladesh, Iraq, Kenya and Uganda with the PPE needed to keep them safe. By "conflict-affected" we mean internally displaced people, refugees and host communities. If your organization includes those frontline workers, then, yes, you can qualify.

We have a set amount of funding for this program and so we are prioritizing healthcare workers. However, if your organization works in one of these countries and you are supporting these communities, then please get in touch.   

What if my organization qualifies, but we really can't afford to pay for PPE?  

We believe that everyone who needs PPE should get it; our program allows us to fund PPE for those groups who can't afford to pay.  

If you are a small organization working with internally displaced people, refugees or refugee host communities and your team needs PPE, then supporting you is our priority. Financial support for PPE is means-tested, so even if your organization is larger, you could still be eligible for subsidized PPE.  

Click the link above to join the program and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help you. 

My organization would like to make PPE, but we need support to buy materials or to improve our processes – can we still join the program? 

We are interested in hearing from all local makers and manufacturers in Bangladesh, Iraq, Kenya and Uganda; please do contact us.  

If you need support to pay for materials then please get in touch; we might be able to help. If you need support with designs and quality assurance, then our local technical expert can support you with approved designs and guidance on making.  

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