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Syphon Handwash Station

Foot-operated portable handwash unit. It is a simple bucket syphon system.

A hands-free and portable handwashing station suitable for locations non-adjacent to water sources and taps, that needs a distributed hand sanitation area. Suitable for evacuations centers, frontline camps, entrances, and sanitation point before entering a controlled area.


  1. Refillable and changeable to any available contained with 25 liter max capacity.​

  2. Syphon Method – no tap mechanism​

  3. Flat-packed that makes it easy to transport and store.​

  4. Suitable for outdoors.​

  5. Easy to assemble.​

  6. The wooden platform can provide a space for you to add some soap beside the bucket.​

  7. Foot-operated so it is hands-free.


  • Height: 1.4 m

  • Width: 600 mm

  • Depth (Open): 730 mm

  • Depth (Closed): 110 mm

  • Weight: 18 kg

  • Capacity: 24 liters


  • 5-7 people (standard 20sec handwash) per 15L bucket of water (3.4L/ person)

Downloadable Files Included

Technical Drawings, Bill of Materials, Maker Manual, User Manual & Video Manual


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