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Foot Operated Tap Adapter

The foot-operated tap unit is positioned under a sink and screws into the existing plumbing.

An attachment to your existing sink that transforms it into a foot-operated tap making it handsfree and reducing the amount of hand-to-hand contact and contamination.


  1. Easy to install.​

  2. A compact system under your sink.​

  3. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor sinks​

  4. Foot-operated so it is handsfree.


  • Length: 458.8mm

  • Width: 235.5mm

  • Height: 316.2mm

  • Material: Galvanized Sheet, PVC Pipe and Timber


  • Can be used anytime of the day

  • 1 person per use

Downloadable Files Included

Technical Drawings, User Manual and Video Manual


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