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Start Accelerator Update

We have been working with Kudra on the Start Program, which works with entrepreneurs from Syria and the host community to enable them with tools in order to succeed. The program is 2 months long and entails workshops, coaching, mentoring and use of the innovation lab. ​The program takes place at the Social Innovation Lab where Kudra brings experience working with communities, particularly building skills in entrepreneurship, design thinking etc. and running accelerator programs (among other activities) and the physical space. Field Ready brings the technical expertise in digital and appropriate manufacturing and product development in difficult environments.

The accelerator is well underway and the program has taken the participants through many different topics to help them further develop their business plans. The first session was a design workshop at the lab. The following week the same participants went through technical training and began their business model development. One of the speakers was Mr. Ghiath Hawari, a consultant in strategy and leadership for a number of companies. Participants spent a week conducting interviews with their projected stakeholders of their projects.

The focus of week 5 was Learning and Innovation Experiences. This workshop was conducted by Mr. Emad Nasher Al-Neam the Partnerships Director at Kudra. The aim was to support the entrepreneurs and startups in designing a marketing plan for their project, beginning with a market analysis and testing the marketing mix.

During the course, Mr. Emad shared his experiences in marketing and sales while working with international brands. The marketing plans for their projects continues to be discussed and supported throughout the week.

Watch this space to see how the participants projects transpire!

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