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We're working with local makers and manufacturers across Bangladesh to provide personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare and NGO staff working in refugee settlements and host communities in Cox’s Bazaar, Chittagong and Dhaka. Providing them with PPE can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We're matching frontline workers in Bangladesh who need personal protective equipment (PPE) with local manufacturers who make it - which helps first responders stay healthy and prevent disease spread.
As of December 2021, we've produced nearly 75,000 face shields, safety goggles and individual hand sanitizers in Bangladesh and distributed them to some 37 non-profit and healthcare organizations in the country.
We're connecting more groups and manufacturers every day to get PPE to as many frontliners as possible and help stem the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.
Soon we'll also provide training to Rohingya refugees to help them learn to make the Surprise Soaps, face masks and hand sanitizer for others in the camps; this will both increase the availability of PPE there and provide a much-needed income for displaced people.

When it comes to quality, we're committed to the highest standards in safety - and so are the manufacturers we're working with to help frontliners in need. Those who want to get, give or make PPE can go to to participate in the program.

To find out more please contact our Bangladesh Country Lead Kuldeep Aryal at


To see PPE items offered and requested in Bangladesh please click here.

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