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Injection molding used for mass production

Catastrophe can happen in the middle of the night…when tens of thousands of people need help, urgently. The earth shakes and people are left homeless. Or fighting erupts and people are forcibly displaced, running for their lives with only the clothes on their backs. Sadly, this is not the scenario of bad movies, but an all too common reality. Think Syria, Sudan and Somalia, but the possibility doesn’t end there.

People need more than food and water under such circumstances; they also need critical relief items: medical, protection and non-food items. Traditional supply chains can’t cope. To meet the volume needed in these disasters, mass production is where it’s at!

Field Ready is pioneering the use of injection molders to meet this purpose. These desktop plastic molding machines can quickly manufacture items in bulk at relatively low cost and with little power requirements. First tested in Silicon Valley, we are now piloting their use in Nepal and will extend this to other countries. There is still some testing and development to be done, but soon, injection molders are likely to be a regular part of any humanitarian response.

Bench plastic molding machine

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