Required: Examine design and dimensions and develop a CAD & STL file of the design


Sunil works as a Biomedical Engineer at Grande International Hospital, Kathmandu. A piece of equipment that he repeatedly sees in the engineering department is the nebuliser compressor. A nebuliser works by using compressed air to convert liquid medicine to an aerosol that can be inhaled by the patient. However, the plastic connector which attaches the medication tube to the compressor keeps breaking. 


A plastic connector is regularly snapped off during use of this device. The engineering team can glue it back on, but they usually receive the same piece of equipment back after a few days with the same problem. The engineering team have come up with a design for a replacement connector and want to 3D print it, but need some assistance developing a CAD model. The required design and dimensions are detailed in the images below. 



Designs are required to:

  • be submitted with a CAD file of choice eg. sldprt, and an STL file for printing

  • be submitted on Thingiverse or equivalent platform

  • match the design developed by Grande International Hospital's engineering team as best as possible

  • take into account key dimensions shown in the images such that the connector fits the two pipes that join to it

  • be printable in food grade PET 


Additional bonus points for:

  • adjustments to the design to minimise support structure

  • printable as a single part

  • smooth running screw thread

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