Design Challenge: Dental Chair

Dr Jitendra Khatri is the acting Medical Superintendent  at Nuwakot District Hospital, and practicing dental surgeon. The hospital was largely destroyed by the earthquake and many of the hospital's services, including dental surgery, are being run out of tents. After the disaster, this dental chair was moved to the hospital from another site and in the process incurred damage to the foot pedal which should normally allow the chair to be lowered.



The pedal which lowers the chair operates by pressing on a small pin. However, the pedal contacts the floor before it contacts the pin, meaning the pin is not depressed and the chair is not lowered. A piece needs to be created to enable the pedal lever to depress the pin before the pedal hits the ground.



The design solutions to this problem should:

  • Be 3D printable as a single part

  • Fit onto the existing arrangement in a way which does not require any extra assistance eg. adhesives

  • Address the issue of ensuring the part is strong enough to withstand the load



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