Intro to Nepal's Supply Chain Challenges

THEME 1 - HEALTH Healthcare close to the point of need is essential, and consequently many health posts and hospitals in Nepal operate in remote and challenging conditions. This is especially true in the aftermath of the earthquake, after which many health facilities found themselves operating out of tents. Health facilities rely on a wide range of specialist equipment in order to provide their services, and often the more complex the equipment, the more likely a component will fail. In remote places, getting unique spare parts for costly equipment is often prohibitively expensive - 3D printing could enable one off parts to be produced economically on site. THEME 2 - WASH (WATER, SANITATION

Kathmandu meets Silicon Valley

Field Ready have officially arrived in Nepal. It’s amazing to see how the Innovation Lab at World Vision has progressed in just a few short weeks since Field Ready's visit in December, when the space was nothing more than a concrete shell of dust and wires. The lab now feels transformed; it would be best described as 'Apple minimalism' meets 'Nepal artistry', a local interpretation of start-up style. The premise of the Innovation Lab is to provide a home for charities and businesses with a humanitarian remit wishing to make their mark in Nepal. But why Nepal? The concept is that in the rebuild from a disaster, the conditions are particularly favourable for introducing disruptive and transfor

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